Why Invest Your Money With An Insurance Company?

How to earn more interest than a bank CD while protecting your investment principal.

The Great Recession and mortgage crisis that followed has led our economy to historically low interest rates. While that's good news if you want to borrow money, it's horrible news if you want a reasonable rate of return on your retirement savings.

Bank CDs only pay 1%-2% on your deposit amount and then at the end of the year you're taxed on the deposit's measly earnings!

For those who want to earn more than they're getting with a bank CD but still want the peace of mind of a safe investment, an annuity from an insurance company provides a higher-paying alternative.

How can insurance companies pay more interest than a bank?

It's easy. Banks make money by loaning your money out at a greater rate of interest than they pay you on your deposit. With historically low interest rates, banks have very little margin to work with leaving you with a minimal return. At the end of the year, Uncle Sam taxes your small earnings and you're left with even less.

Insurance companies make money by pooling your money to manage long-term investments (like government and corporate bonds). A longer investment horizon allows insurance companies to manage their risk more effectively providing typically greater returns than bank CDs. Since earnings are tax-deferred, it's not unusual for annuities to earn effective rates 3%-4% higher (or more) than a bank CD.

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